The Malabar Botanical Garden and Institute for Plant Sciences (MBGIPS) is a centre for research on the lower group and aquatic plant diversity of the country and for conservation of the endangered plants of the erstwhile Malabar Region. The MBGIPS is administered by the KSCSTE under the Science and Technology Department of Govt. of Kerala. The Garden is opened to students for eco education and to general public as part of promoting scientific tourism in the region. The educational value of the Garden lies with the descriptive labels displayed for the different sections and plants. . The Garden is spread to an area of about 40 acres of which about 15 acres is marshy land and the remaining part is a hilly terrain providing diverse habitat for varieties of plants. This institute is also a Research Centre in Plant Sciences (Botany) recognized by the University of Calicut. MBGIPS has also been recognized as the Regional Centre of Expertise of United Nations University (RCE-UNU IAS)..






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