TBGRI is the only organization in India which maintains a 300 acre conservatory garden for the wild tropical plant genetic resources of the country and is reckoned as one of the biggest conservatory gardens in Asia. It conserves over 50,000 accessions, belonging to about 3,500 species. The collection of the garden includes an Arboretum with 750 species, Bambusetum with 62 species, Palmetum with 110 species, Orchidarium with 600 wild species and 150 exotic hybrids, Medicinal plants with 842 species, Wild ornamentals with 120 species and lesser- known wild edibles with 120 species. In addition to this, there are special conservations for RET species, special assorted collections of Fungi (71 spp.), Jasmines (48 spp.), Zingibers (60 spp.). The National Gene Bank for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the tropical region of India established under the aegis of the Organisation of the G-15 countries is located in TBGRI. About 120 species from Andaman Islands introduced in 1994 and 2004 are also conserved.









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